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Rithmomachia is a mixed physical/virtual label. We intend that all our releases will be in two formats, factory-pressed CDs (not CDRs) AND high quality freely downloadable audio in the Internet Archive -same content, naturally-.

(In case you wonder, Rithmomachia -or Rithmomachy, also Arithmomachia, Rythmomachy, Rhythmomachy, or sundry other variants; sometimes known as The Philosophers' Game- is a highly complex, early European mathematical board game. The earliest known description of it dates from the eleventh century. A literal translation of the name is "The Battle of the Numbers". Check the wikipedia for details.)

Our first release is ANKITONER METAMARS self-titled debut album.

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by Ankitoner Metamars
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ANKITONER METAMARS is a project by Anki Toner (Superelvis) and Javier Piñango (Cerdos, Mil Dolores Pequeños, Destroy Mercedes, Druhb) which turns out to be the first public activity of the former in this century. In spite of living 600 km apart from each other, the band has prepared a live repertoire and recorded their first album in just a few months. The recording has been done between august and december 2006 in Barcelona and Madrid. It features six new songs and a cover of Leonard Cohen's...
Topics: crooner, electronica, emotion, superelvis, druhb
by Ankitoner Metamars
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ANKITONER METAMARS WHO CARES? Side A (total time: 21:29) 1 INFORMATION 7:24 2 IMAGINE DID NOT CHANGE THE WORLD 4:18 3 GIMME SOME TRUTH 4:29 4 I WANNA BE SEXY 5:18 Side B (total time: 22:05) 5 TWO BOYS 5:41 6 DON’T YOU MESS WITH ME 4:25 7 LIFE LIES IN THE SHADES 5:10 8 I KNOW I’LL NEVER BE HAPPY 6:49 This album includes homages, some of them more obvious than others, but all of them nonetheless heartfelt, to Allen Ginsberg, Astor Piazzolla, Borbetomagus, Brian Wilson, Christian Proaño,...
Topics: crooner, electronica, Anki Toner, Superelvis, Druhb, Destroy Mercedes